Anyone can achieve an exciting, professional look and finish for all occasions with the right guidance, practice and tools. My two-hour, one on one makeup lessons will set you on the right path to replicating a professionally applied finish to your makeup every time.

Lessons commence with a discussion on how to best prepare your skin so it provides an ideal ‘canvas’ to work with and to ensure your makeup lasts. We then discuss what looks and colour palettes best suit your skin and hair tone, wardrobe and lifestyle. Finally, we practice makeup profiles for a variety of occasions, including:

  • A five minute makeup routine for when you are running out the door using only three or four products

  • An ideal daytime makeup design and application

  • Makeup profiles for special day and evening events

During the lesson I also demonstrate how to strengthen your daytime makeup to go out to dinner or a party straight from work, special occasion makeup for both day and night.

We also discuss seasonal looks and what skincare, brushes and makeup products you need to achieve your desired look.

I recommend that you bring along your own makeup so we can review it and suggest how it can be updated and supplemented, if need be.

My makeup lessons are not only informative and enjoyable, but are also easy to follow and to integrate into your everyday lifestyle.

For more information on makeup lessons or to book, simply email me

Photography: Justin Aveling PhotographyLeft image Hair: Doreen Gatt + Paula Hibbard for The Art of Hair Stylists: Kimberlee Kessler + Rosemary Slade Gown + Accessories: Brides of Beecroft. Right Image Hair: Frankie Bee @ Frank & Co Stylists: Kimberlee Kessler + Rosemary Slade Gown: Lilli Marcs Accessories: House of K'Dor.